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Our Reviviscence Day Cream, was clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face after just 20 days. Also, after just 4 hours of use our Delicate Treatment Face Cream, testing has proved, that a remarkable 73% of hydration to the skin was effectively restored.

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Anti-Ageing Treatment

Nature’s finest anti-ageing ingredients, all jam-packed into our luxurious skincare range.

Powered by organic silicon and backed up by extensive pharmaceutical research, our products are designed to restore your skin’s elasticity and vibrance. Silicon is found in all of our bodies, but as we age, we produce less of it. Organic silicon is vital for reinvigorating supple skin, boosting up cell renewal and strengthening the skin. Discover the skin-nourishing benefits of organic silicon today.

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Elixirs & Serums

Our elixirs are the ultimate in skin regeneration and vitamin restoration, give your skin a healthy glow.

There’s an elixir for everything: to relax sensitive facial skin after exposure to the elements, to give it glow and radiance, and even to regenerate its suppleness. Looking after your skin is self-love at its best, and your skin deserves to be treated with the finest products only. We have crafted elixirs with refined oils and natural healing ingredients used by ancient civilisations.

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The Key To Reducing Cellulite


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