Using the power of organic silicon, our products help you achieve and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

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Natural Ingredients

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Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing Treatments

Nature’s finest anti-aging ingredients, all jam-packed into our luxurious skincare range. Powered by organic silicon and backed up by pharmaceutical research, our products are designed to replenish your skin’s elasticity and vibrance.

Silicon is found in all of our bodies, but as we age, we produce less of it. Organic silicon is vital for reinvigorating supple skin, boosting up cell renewal and strengthening the skin.

Discover the skin-nourishing benefits of organic silicon today.

Elixirs & Serums

There’s an elixir for everything: to relax the sensitive facial skin after exposure to the elements, to give it glow and radiance, and even to regenerate its suppleness.

Looking after your skin is self-love at its best, and your skin deserves to be treated with the finest products only. So, we crafted elixirs that give your skin that extra oomph, using natural healing ingredients. Each elixir comes packed with nurturing extracts and proteins found in nature.

Bring on the glow.

Our Research

As we get older our skin produces less organic silicon, causing the skin structure to give way. The effect of this includes the appearance of wrinkles and a loss of skin elasticity. Silian’s Paris products contain organic silicon which enhances the production of collagen that allows the skin to rejuvenate and reduce the signs of ageing.

Learn more about the research behind our products from Jacques Hayo, the innovator behind the Silians brand.

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