Our History

Everything begins in the east of France in Alsace, a beautiful part of the country. It lies on the left bank of the Rhine River with the Vosges mountains rising on the other side. The area has a semi-continental climate much of the year and snow on the mountains in winter.

Renowned for majestic forests and natural environmental diversity, the area is rich in history and cultural diversity.

This is where Silians was born inspired by the beauty of the local surroundings. Local man, Jacques Hayo, a Doctor in Pharmacy, creates his products based on organic silicon, which has always fascinated him.

Our Mission

Silians mission is to use our skincare range for the benefit of our SPA clients. Our beauticians welcome clients into our glamorous world equipped with modern techniques while offering a relaxing experience. We use Silians skincare to hydrate and maintain the youthfulness of our client’s skin to delay the harmful effects of ageing. Our clients leave relaxed and pampered, thanks to the way our products perform.

Our Ambitions

Silians Paris ambitions include bringing the best of our SPA activities and products to the rest of France and Europe. As we expand our skincare range into Middle Eastern, Asian and Australian markets, we look forward to women across the world enjoying the benefits of our skincare range.

Silians Paris now in Australia

Silians Paris has landed in Australia. Now Australian women can experience the benefits of this innovative, luxurious skincare range in their own homes. Products use rare, exotic plants combined with organic silicon to regenerate and protect skin.

Our skincare range has something for all skin types. Anti-ageing formulas that gently erase signs of ageing and wrinkles leaving skin soft and supple. Moisturisers with dermatologically inspired ingredients. Coconut, calendula, passionflower and evening primrose oils to nourish and rehydrate skin. Radiance Eye Cream combines Kigelia and Quillaja extracts from African trees with passionflower oil once used by the Aztecs for renewed radiance. Carrot oil, shea butter and vitamin e protect skin from free radicals and UV rays while regenerating skin cells leaving skin silky soft.

Our innovative formulas use ingredients for life-changing results. Face each day knowing Silians products protect your skin from the harsh conditions.

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