Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that special day where we celebrate mothers. Those special people who brought us into the world. And it shows with Australians spending more the $733 million in 2018 on the most important person in our lives.

Every year you want to make your mother feel loved and appreciated in new ways. She deserves the love, respect and attention of her family. Yet you may run out of ideas for celebrating all she has done for you. You know your mother best. So what makes her feel special? Here are some ideas to help you plan the best Mother’s Day ever.

Give her the day off

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, spend time doing all the things she would normally do when she least expects it. Surprise her while she is out. Like all mothers she is probably super busy. Running a household, working a job, transporting kids around. Doing the washing, cleaning the house and every other thing she needs to do to look after her family and the ones she loves.

Give her the day off. Nothing says you love her more than when she walks into a clean house, all the chores done and dinner almost ready. And then ask if there is anything else you can do for her. Nothing says I love you more than serving her this Mother’s Day.

Start a new tradition

Start a new tradition by creating a family story. Do it together. Get a scrapbook or large pieces of paper, even use the computer. How you create your book depends on the size and dynamics of your family. Pick a medium that can involve everyone from the youngest children up.

Choose a memorable event or celebration from the year and get the whole family involved. Let the kids do the illustrations using paints, crayons or pencils. And everyone can contribute their memories and the children can give you their thoughts. There are many ways to approach this so get creative and make it fun. This can become a keepsake; a memory you mother can look back on over the year.

Take her on her dream holiday

Where in the world does your mother want go? You do not have to actually go there but set up a theme at home. Maybe she dreams of going to Hawaii or anywhere else that interests her. Set up the backyard for a typical Hawaiian luau. Greet family members with leis and serve traditional food. Cook food on the barbecue or get caterers in, and even try Hawaiian dancing.

Pamper her for the day

Mothers dedicate their lives looking after the ones they love so pamper her for the day.

Treat her to breakfast in bed to start the day. Whip up your mother’s favourite breakfast. Pay her back for all the times she has spent in the kitchen cooking for you. After breakfast surprise her with your plans for a day of pampering.

Surprise her with a trip to a day spa or a beauty parlour. How often does your mother take the time to pamper herself? She is probably too busy looking after the family and may even be working a full-time job. Treat her to a manicure, a full body massage and a facial to rejuvenate her inside and out. She will look and feel wonderful. Even get her some exciting new skincare products to use at home. Then take her to lunch with the family.

Gift her something to treasure

Gift your mother something she enjoys and will treasure. Maybe she has her eye on piece of jewellery, an incredible skincare pack, or gift her a few of her favourite things. Thoughtful gifts remind your mother of how much you love her and hold her in your thoughts. Even make up a photo book of all the members of your family to remind her of the people who love her. This is an eternal gift she can treasure forever.

The gift of time

Give your mother the gift of your time. Spend the day together doing all the things she has wanted to do. Go on a picnic, take a walk down memory lane looking through old photos. Take a drive in the country, a walk on the beach to watch the sun set, cook a meal together. Even have a home movie marathon with all her favourite movies. Throw in a couple of comedies for a good laugh together.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make your mother feel like the most important person in the world on Mother’s Day.

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