Organic Silicon

What is organic silicon?

There are two types of natural silicon – mineral and organic silicon.

Mineral Silicon

Mineral silicon is a blue-grey metallic substance and, although not metallic, it can look like a shiny metal. Silicon comes from the earth’s crust and, among other things, forms crystals such as quartz. It has many uses including for metal alloys, silicon polymers and lubricants. Silicon conducts electricity so is useful for electrical components. It is also used in enamels, lasers, solar cells and for many other things.

Mineral silicon does not dissolve in water, which is why Silians uses organic silicon derived from plants.

Organic Silicon

Organic silicon comes from plant extracts. It is one of the essentials elements of life. It naturally occurs in plants, animals and in us, and is vital for cellular growth. Silicon is essential for forming bone, cartilage and tissues, and strengthens our nails and hair. It helps form the fibre structure of collagen and elastin in the early stages of bone formation. And, it is collagen that gives your skin its elasticity. Silians uses organic silicon as the basis for all their beauty products rejuvenate your radiance.

Plants such as bamboo has 70% organic silicon in its stems and 6% in the leaves. Bananas contain 5 mg per 100 g and red seaweed has silicon reserves. Silicon is even present in the elastic white skin that lines hard-boiled eggshells.

Silicon in Humans

We need silicon to form bones, cartilage and tissues that connect all the organs in our bodies. It is also essential for the good health of our blood vessels, skin, hair and fingernails. It is important to replenish silicon reserves to fight against osteoporosis, arthritis, neurodegeneration and to enhance the immune system.

What does silicon do?

When there is a silicon deficiency it affects all the tissues and organs that contain collagen. Silicon behaves as an adhesive. It gives individual collagen fibres elasticity and strengthens the connective tissues.

Role of organic silicon for your skin

As we age, our skin loses its organic silicon content. This loss causes the skin structure to collapse. When this happens, wrinkles appear and there is a loss of elasticity. So the skin’s collagen needs rebuilding to regenerate the connective tissues. Organic silicon enhances the production of collagen to rejuvenate skin cells to reduce the signs of ageing.

Effect on Metabolism

Organic silicon is essential to keep our bodies healthy as it:

It is this type of scientific data that sparked Jacques Hayo’s interest in organic silicon. His vision was to combine it with dermatology-inspired ingredients to benefit the skin. He created a beautiful skincare range using innovative formulas that have proven effective. Not only this, they help to restore your skin’s natural radiance.

Silians research – by Jacques Hayo, Doctor of Pharmacy

For many years I have conducted research on the benefits of organic silicon. This little known and rare trace mineral has many virtues. Organic silicon is one of the key elements for maintaining skin elasticity. The disadvantage of the natural silicon in our bodies is it naturally decreases with age. By the time we reach the age of 70, about 70% of our silicon content has disappeared. It is, therefore, essential to use organic silicon to replace this loss. The key to its effectiveness is in hydrating the skin. Organic silicon helps lock water molecules into the skin.


Organic silicon also has other valuable properties. These include the regeneration and redensification of the epidermis. I created innovative formulas for Silians by mixing organic silicon with rare plants extracts such as passionflower oil.

The dual objective was for excellent performance and to make the formulas as sensory as possible. How much and when you use it is important, because it needs to penetrate the skin barrier to treat the target area. Take the example of Reviviscence Night, which is an anti-ageing product. We know that skin regenerates between midnight and 1 am. So, it is important to use the product so the active ingredients can treat the target areas during this time.

There are four main phases in each Silians skincare for the face:

Using the formulas used in the Silians skincare range gives the best results.

We make the Silians product range of products at our SPA facilities. I have created unique, sensory formulas using these principles, in collaboration with the professional team at SPA Silians, to create an exceptional skincare range for women.