Power of a Mother’s Love

As Mother’s Day approaches let’s celebrate the power of a mother’s love. She is the person you turn to advice throughout your whole life. At this special time of year, it is a great way to show her how you feel.

Mother’s love their children unconditionally and most are naturally good mothers. Carrying a child from inception to the time of birth gives them a special connection and intuition. They nurture their children as they grow into adults and beyond.

It is a mother’s job to ensure children are happy and safe so they grow into well adjusted adults that contribute to the world. Words are not enough to describe how a mother feels about her children She shows her feelings every single day in the care and support she provides. A mother will go without and make sacrifices to ensure her children have enough.

Support for life

Supporting her children is second nature for a mother. She will always have words of wisdom to impart. They support you for life whether quietly from the background or loudly cheering you on. Mothers are the glue that keep families together.

But being a mother is the hardest job in the world. It is not always easy. They feel pain, get hurt, cry, get angry and upset. They often take the fallout for what their children do, how they behave and how they treat her. While it may not always seem this way, children look to their mother for guidance and support on how to overcome their challenges in life. No matter what, most mothers have huge hearts that forgive children for what they do and still love them.

Being a mother is not always easy

A mother’s job is not always easy. They make sacrifices and have their hearts broken. Mothers teach children right from wrong, are advocates and go into bat for them. She will live every moment of pain her child goes through and tries to soothe it away. A mother commands respect from her children not only for herself but for others and the world we live in.

Mothers are the backbone of the family often going out to work then coming home to take care of the family. Her day begins early and ends late at night after keeping up with all her responsibilities. Nothing is too difficult for a mother for nothing is more important than the health, wellbeing and happiness of her children.

And, on the rare occasion a mother cannot take of her children it is tough on the children. Whether this is through illness or death, this can leave a lasting effect. For children to never know or lose the love of their mother is tragic.

Unconditional love

Mothers give so much without expecting much in return. Their life is centred around you, her children. There is nothing more important than having unconditional love in your life. Think of all the things your mother has done throughout your life:

  • The many sleepless nights taking care of you.
  • Always made sure you had good food and took the time to send you to school with a nutritious lunch.
  • Nothing is more important than taking care of you when you were sick.
  • Worries about you when she cannot contact you.
  • Saved up everything for you and, when there was not enough for two, your mother made sure you never went without.
  • Still can’t sleep at night when you are out late worrying that you stay safe.
  • No matter what you lost or were looking for she knew where to find it.
  • Although she was not well, your mother always put your needs ahead of hers.
  • Always put you first regardless of her needs.

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate the unconditional love of your mother. A special day put aside to show your appreciation. It is a day for children to show appreciation for all their mother does and has done for them.

Show her how much you care. Spend the day with her. Take her for a picnic or out for lunch with the whole family. Gifts, cards, handmade and luxurious organic products that celebrate all she means to you are given as a sign of love. Spend the day pampering her so she feels extra special one day a year. It is a day to celebrate a mother’s love of her children and all she does to make the world a better place.

Thank her for her sacrifices and the love she gives so she knows it is all worth it. Show her how much you care.

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