Citrus And Green Tea Combination Pack

Adopt this ultra-fresh scented skin routine to get the skin of your dreams! The scrub gently exfoliates, the shower gel cleans without drying and the soft oil moisturizes and protects, we love it!

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Availability: In stock


THE SCRUB: This scrub gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead cells thanks to particles of apricot kernels. The passionflower oil associated with shea butter helps protect and moisturize it to give you soft and luminous skin.

THE SHOWER GEL: Enriched with green tea and organic silicon, this shower gel gently cleans and leaves on the skin a delicate fresh lemony scent!

THE BODY OIL: This gentle oil is a blend of natural refined oils: passionflower, poppy and carrot, combined with organic silicon for prolonged hydration of the skin. It penetrates instantly and does not leave a greasy film for a soft and sublimated skin.


THE SCRUB:Apply on damp skin with circular motions all over the body. Rinse thoroughly with water.

RESULTS: Your skin is rid of dead cells, it is soft and silky.

THE SHOWER GEL: On wet skin, place a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply to the body as a massage. Rinse thoroughly with water.

RESULTS: Your skin is perfectly clean, it is soft and delicately scented.

THE BODY OIL: When leaving the shower, apply on the whole body and massage.

RESULTS: The skin is soft, hydrated and sublimated, without a greasy film

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